Lord of Hope?

The Lord of Hope would be one who has complete control over hope, faith, and belief. Almost as potentially terrifying as the Lord of Doom, this Lord is revered and possibly even worshipped by many. They utilize the faith of their followers to achieve their purpose, having absolute authority over their belief system. Now,this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is used for bad things, but it definitely can be. It all depends on the disposition of the Lord in question…careful, though. They’re very likely to go on a power trip.

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How would a Sylph of Heart and a Knight of Breath be as a couple?

The Sylph of Heart and Knight of Breath analyses are each a click away!  Hyperlink magic!

Now, as to how they would work as a couple…ehhhhh.

Here’s the thing: Breath players are about freedom.  Direction.  Movement.  To this end, the vast majority of them have preeetty bad commitment issues.  The Knight of Breath would be particularly bad with this, usually being likely to go off and initiate Batman-mode, leaving their partner in the dust.  The Sylph would probably try to serve as a safe haven for the Knight after all of their protecting duties…but this might not work.

Really, just try to picture Batman being in any kind of committed relationship.  That’s what you have with a Knight of Breath.

not too sure if you're accepting god tiers but if you are, could you do the scout of light??

The Scout of Light is one who explores fortune, light, or knowledge, or explores using those things!

This Scout is an ambitious fellow, always on the lookout for what could possibly give them a better chance!  Delving into their past successes and the successes of others, they are experts at charting paths to victory!  Though, be careful, they might not be too considerate of others when charting this path…

Could you, if you haven't already, analyze these four classes, their personality, and their chance of survival in a session? Knight of Doom, Witch of Time, Seer of Void, and Muse of Hope.

As it ends up, I’ve already analyzed all of these!  Click here, here, here, and here for the analysis of the Knight, Witch, Seer, and Muse, respectively.

The Knight is probably a stubborn person, and an incredibly overprotective sod.  There might be one particular person that they gravitate towards, possibly the Muse (who is probably brilliant, but fiercely shy) or the Seer (full of profound wisdom, but probably not fully sane).  The Witch, meanwhile, can run the gamut, personality-wise.

As far as a session goes…well, for one, you don’t have a space player.  That’s gonna screw you over regardless.  But, disregarding that…your team does not look good.  Your teammates, if my predictions are correct, consist of a dangerously overprotective person, a brilliant mind who’s too shy to do anything, and another person who knows a lot of things but is more than likely dangerously close to losing their sanity.

If your Witch is anything like the other three…teamwork is going to be a very rare commodity.

what are the duties of: heir of hope and thief of mind

Already done, my friend!  Click here for the Heir of Hope analysis and here for the Thief of Mind!

I was wonder, what does a Witch of Doom and a Bard of Light Do?

These two have been analyzed!  Click here for the Witch of Doom analysis, and here for the Bard of Light!

kinght of space please >w<

The Knight of Space has already been analyzed!  Click here!

Hi! I was wondering about the Bard of Light? uvu

The Bard of Light is one who invites the destruction of fortune, luck, and/or knowledge, or invites destruction through fortune, luck, and/or knowledge!

This Bard is an interesting chap.  Inviting the destruction of fortune is definitely a scary concept, basically meaning that the Bard screws stuff up in a way that detracts from the team’s progress.  And inviting the destruction of knowledge means that they could be a walking Obliviate spell!

Or, on the flip side, their fortune and luck could be so ridiculously good that it lets them wreak utter hell, or they might know things that, through one way or another, let them destroy stuff with ease.  Maybe they know things that mankind was not meant to know!

Now, inviting the destruction of luck is interesting.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that they would invite craptastic luck…they would destroy luck altogether.  Luck would pointless when you’re around a Bard of Light.  Even if Vriska stockpiled all of the luck in the world, she would find that it would be meaningless if she was pitted against this Bard!

Could you do Muse of Heart? Thank you kindly :)