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How would a Muse of Hope and Lord of Doom duo work out?

You can find the Muse of Hope analysis here!

I am not sure if you mean this as a session analysis or an analysis of the general dynamic between the two, but I’ll go with the latter.

Now, the Lord of Doom is defined as one who has complete control over calamity, death, fate, and structure.  That on its own lets you know the level of power that we’re dealing with here.  The Lord of Doom has complete and utter control over death and destiny, two very, very important themes in SBURB.

The Lord of Doom can change who dies and who doesn’t, possibly bringing the ability to bring people back to life or give others the ability to straight-up ignore fatal blows!  They could also have the power to doom others to a terrible fate, prevent calamity from ensuing, or CAUSE calamity instead!

But most importantly, a fully-realized Lord of Doom has the power to completely alter the way that the game is played, taking a welding torch to the game’s mechanics, and has the potential to work the game in their favor.  Compared to the Prince of Doom, who zaps out rules he doesn’t like, the Witch of Doom, who bends the rules, the Bard of Doom, who makes the rules fall apart, and the Maid of Doom, who ignores the rules and makes their own…

The Lord of Doom at the height of their power has the ability to throw out the already existing rulebook and write their own.  This makes for an extremely dangerous class who can completely change how everything works in the blink of an eye.  You might not even be playing the same game by the end of a session with a Lord of Doom!

Now, bearing in mind that a Muse of Hope is all about giving others the courage to press onwards with the hope that things will work out for the best, and does that better than all other Hope classes, an interesting dynamic could be in place here.  But, with the Lord of Doom changing how things happen and the Muse believing that having the hope that the desired outcome will come to pass will MAKE it come to pass, the two are liable to oppose each other.

The Lord could be in an antagonistic position, messing with the players of a session by constantly changing the rules on the fly, dooming them to failure and performing a motley of other shenanigans.  However, the Muse of Hope might be able to DENY the Lord of Doom’s rules through inspiring their teammates and creating a surge of hope-power that lets them shrug off the Lord’s power over them!

However, an interesting consideration is that the MUSE could be the antagonist of the situation, becoming a crusader-type that is after a destructive goal and is armed with the power of their belief!  The Lord and his allies must then scramble to place structural roadblocks in the Muse’s path, attempting to deny them the ability to see their goals through!

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Can I get a chance of survival for any groups with a prince of life who destroys his aspect with his aspect (it's complicated) and what could possibly keep him as stable as possible. We Have a Witch of Mind, could that work? (Also does is matter if he's a Dog-tier, just wondering.)

Here are your already-completed analyses for this session:
Prince of Life
Witch of Mind

First off, it most CERTAINLY matters if your Prince is infused with the powers of a First Guardian!  Really, anything with the power of a First Guardian has the potential to go really bad really fast if things get out of hand, because Fist Guardians have reality-warping powers and so much pure, primordial energy that everything they do is subject to rampant amplification!  Luckily, a Witch of Mind would be one of your most efficient solutions to the problem, due to being able to zap the thoughts in his mind from “kill teammates” to “kill underlings”!

Be careful, though.  Your Prince might not appreciate getting their thoughts zapped, and when it comes to the powers of a First Guardian, there might not be anything you can do if he goes onto a complete, berserking rampage!  You should be good so long as you keep that power pointed at the enemies, but if things go bad, there might not be any hope.

Hey Bane, out of all the Lord classes, who do you think would be best suited to be the "mentor" of everyone?

That’s an easy question to answer, anon!


You see, Lords do not mentor.  Lords do not follow.  Lords do not sit idly by and instruct others in what to do while they sit dispensing wisdom.

No, Lords seize the reins and take control of the situation for themselves.  The thing that you need to remember about Lords is that they CONTROL.  They do not mentor, they do not give advice, they’re rarely even big fans of the whole “teamwork” thing.  Lords are the most active class of them all, and this means that they are going to go out on their own and they are going to get.  Shit.  Done.  What shit they get done is up to them, but they are almost always dead-set on their goals, and will let NOTHING distract them from those goals.

Lords are ruthless, powerful, arrogant, and will FUCK YOU UP if you try and get in their way or oppose them.  That is the core mechanic behind the Lord class, and that is why the name of “Lord” is so important.  Because a typical Lord demonstrates all the characteristics of a traditional monarch: Domineering, absolute, authoritarian, and not willing to take anyone’s shit.

Could you do Witch of Mind and Maid of Hope?

The Witch of Mind is defined as one who manipulates thoughts and decisions!  It’s right what it says on the tin, really: The Witch of Mind is able to take what someone’s thinking and alter that thought!  If they’re thinking about how they really want a cheeseburger, for example, the Witch of Mind could change that into a craving for hot dogs!

Meanwhile, the Maid of Hope is one who gives themselves hope or belief!  This Maid would never be without hope in even the bleakest of circumstances, and would serve as the team’s shining beacon during dark times, inspiring those around them just by observation of how relentlessly hopeful they are!

heir of light / rogue of doom? <3

The analysis for the Heir of Light can be found right over here!

The Rogue of Doom is defined as one who steals calamity, death, fate, and/or structure and reallocates it to others!  A powerful title, as most Doom titles are, the Rogue of Doom is essentially able to pass injury onto others!  If a bomb is about to explode in a teammate’s face, the Rogue might be able to transport it away to, say, an enemy encampment!

Or, going in line with the “fate” aspect of Doom, a Rogue of Doom would effectively be able to release one individual from the burden of destiny and give it to another person!  If someone is destined to die a horrible, tragic death, for instance, the Rogue would be able to nick that and give it to another person that they think is deserving of that destiny!

knight of space and witch of life?

You’ll find the Knight of Space analysis right here!

The Witch of Life is defined as one who manipulates life, growth and/or motivation!  Another fairly simple class, the Witch is able to control and change the way that living organisms work!  From inducing rapid growth of organisms to altering one’s skin to become super-resistant to making an ally fireproof to making the bacteria in one’s body hyperactive and end up destroying the enemy from the inside, the possibilities are endless!  Feferi, Homestuck’s Witch of Life, has been shown exhibiting the first power, healing wounds by accelerating the process by which organisms heal themselves!

I'd like to know more about maid of time and rogue of breath... Any thing really. THANKS 0u0

The Rogue of Breath’s analysis is right over here, friend!

Now, as for the Maid of Time, that title is defined as one who gives themselves time and/or its flow!  Giving oneself more time is a simple enough concept, and it simply means that the Maid will be able to craftily postpone just about anything so that they can fully complete their task, be it impending doom, enemy attacks, or even their own demise!

Taking a look at our canon Maid of Time, Aradia, she’s ALWAYS giving herself more time!  She’s managed to prevent herself from getting ousted not once, not twice, but three times!  When it looked like Sollux would be the death of her, she came back as a ghost, giving her more time to be in the physical plane and set up SGRUB!  When it looked like she was as good as (permanently) dead once Derse went to hell, she came back in god tier, giving her more time to continue playing the game and more time to be alive!  And when the unstoppable Bec Noir rushed at her, she froze him in place, giving her time to escape!

Could you possibly do a Scout of Blood or a Guide of Blood? I'm really curious how you'd describe it, because I think that I might be one of these, or a Sylph of Blood (Already know it's done, have read it too).

A Scout of Blood is defined as one who explores unity and bonds, or explores using unity and bonds!  Exploring unity and bonds is a simple enough task: Basically, the Scout of Blood would be trying to figure out what this “companionship” thing is all about, spending the game trying to find something to form an attachment with, making this a perfect challenge title for shut-ins who need something to ground themselves to!

Or, alternatively, a Scout of Blood could use their already existing bonds to explore, using their friends and other things they attach themselves to as lifeboats while they cautiously make their way through the land!  In any case, the Scout of Blood is likely to be a reclusive, timid fellow, but their true potential can be unlocked once they shed their skin and step into the world!

Now, a Guide of Blood is defined as one who assists others in exploring those aspects or assists others in exploring using those aspects!  Assisting others exploring the aspect of unity means that the Guide will be the one helping those reclusive shut-ins take their first few strides out of their own personal bubbles!

Or, a Guide of Blood could help others explore through the power of friendship unity, standing beside the rest of the group as an anchor as they make their way into unfamiliar territory, providing familiarity and comfort as they descend further into the madness of Skaia.  They might also use their OWN bonds to assist in exploration, becoming familiar with consorts and carapacians alike, forming an intricate, tight-knit network of trust to allow the party access to all sorts of places!